I am going to share something awesome with you! This is my favorite monthly subscription yet!

Pretty Fit creates different packs for you monthly that include different fitness and health supplements. These packs are created for the fitness enthused woman in mind. Any woman at any level of fitness couldfrom and enjoy these packs.

I chose the Resolution II pack. They have a few different packs available right now to choose from on their site depending on your goals. Here is what come in the Resolution II pack:

pretty fit pack review4
pretty fit pack review4

The pack includes whey protein samples, BCAA samples, a full size BCAA supplement, full bottle of Garcinia Cambogia (natural weight loss supplement), pre-workout supplement samples and post workout recovery samples. This is a great pack for someone looking to lose weight, put on muscle or the well seasoned athlete who is looking to try new supplements. There are other packs to choose from and you can choose depending on what your goals are.

Something I really like about this program is that you know what you will be receiving each month and can decide if you want it. I like that you can opt out and skip a month if you aren't feeling it or if it's not in the budget that month. I can't always spend the extra each month, especially when it's a more costly subscription. These packs are $50 a month but I think worth it. I do not plan on purchasing every month because I don't see myself needing it every month. I do plan on purchasing these packs every so often whenever I really like one of their pack's themes. I just saw their Spring Protein Pack online and it looks great! I am thinking I may invest in that one next month!

You can read about how  the subscription works below.


Select the first box you’d like to receive. Subscribe and save or buy just one for a little extra. Subscribers can skip any box at no cost + receive FREE shipping and returns.


We’ll announce a new themed pack each month. Don’t like the upcoming pack? Subscribers can skip a month at no cost.


Pat yourself on the back for saving a life. With every purchase, we make a donation to Vitamin Angels that supplies essential vitamins & minerals to at-risk populations in need.

Check out the site, click below!

I'll do a few reviews on some of the products included in the pack as I try them. Which products in this pack you are interested in the most? Is there any item you'd specifically like to see a review on? Do you take any supplements? Let me know in the comments below!

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