"Let's not put each other down and say we're educating."

I actually wanted to do a vlog for this post, just because I thought t'd be easier to express my opinion. That plan failed for a few reasons but luckily I'm alright at writing ;)

I just saw a video from YouTuber and blogger Cassey Ho of Blogilates. She is a a pilates instructor and uploads pilates videos as well as nutrition and fitness advice on her blog. She posted a video explaining her frustration that people are starting to form cliques and believe that their way of eating is the only healthy way. Vegans attack meat eaters and meat eaters attack vegans.

Another YouTuber, Freelee The Banana Girl decided to create a video dissecting one of Cassey's videos that showed what she might eat in a day. She put Cassey down and this is something I have seen her do in her videos frequently, put other people down. I get it, she is vegan and thinks everyone else should be too. I just don't think putting people down for their own nutrition beliefs is the right angle.

I don't want to highlight drama or say anything negative about anyone. I just wanted to bring to light something and share my opinion. Anyone who is trying to help others live healthier and eat better should not feel the need to put others down for different beliefs. I am all for being straight forward and blunt but there's a difference between being blunt and putting others down.

As someone who wants to motivate and inspire people to eat healthy and be active I never want to impose my beliefs or put others down. I only want to share my knowledge in fitness, health and anything else that I experience and learn from. I personally don't eat meat and hardly any dairy. I do what works for me. Here on the blog I share healthy eating tips whether you are vegan or like eating meat. Everyone should educate themselves on the food industry, after that you do you. Food Inc. is a documentary and great resource for this. It does not promote vegan-ism nor meat eating, just facts about how we the consumers can control the quality of food provided to us.

The main message? If you truly are trying to be helpful and educate (because obviously you care about others) you should not feel the need to put down someone else's way of doing something. You should definitely not feel the need to criticize them publicly. If you want to help someone or teach them something, share information with them in a caring way; In a way that is going to inspire and motivate them.

This is something anyone can take into consideration, as a blogger, business owner, co-worker, parent, friend, etc.

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