I for some reason just can't have enough purses. Today I went to the store to walk around and relax, this week has been so stressful for me. I happened to find a Steve Madden bag on sale. I really liked it, so I bought it. I thought I'd include some pictures below for those of you who like me, love finding a bag for below retail value!

     This week we have a friend moving in, he is going to be renting one of our bedrooms. I've been busy trying to clear out the room where my office was. I also have had to clean up a bit, like cleaning out the refrigerator and making space in our kitchen cabinets. Besides getting the place in tip top shape I have my friend's wedding to go to on Saturday. Saturday is also the day our friend is moving in. I've felt like I had a million things to do this week but hopefully after this week I can breathe and just focus on signing up for classes for next semester. I also need to focus on working out as much as possible.
Anyways, let me know how your week is going in the comments below. Find any good deals lately?
             Until later,