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  The past seven or so days have been a little stressful for me. Between working, car shopping and packing to move, I have found no time to relax and allow my creativity to pour out. I actually came across a tweet that read something like, "stress kills creativity". It is so true!

I really like putting up content almost daily but that just didn't happen this past week, I missed being more involved.

Not a lot has really happened over the past few days.  That being said I would like to share a couple of things.

We are two days out from moving, I will be Snapchatting on moving day. So if you aren't following me on Snapchat and want to see what is going on and how the move is going, add me. @Ashley12691

I will also be vlogging on moving day and you'll get to see an apartment tour! I mean, who isn't curious about where I am going to be living? This won't won't be in my Snapchats so for that make sure you are following the blog and or my YouTube channel.

I will also be vlogging more often. This means a lot of my content may include a lovely video update, demonstration and or pep talk ;)

I just feel like videos are awesome and sometimes maybe a little more personal. What do you think?

I have mentioned previously that I am working on a project and I wasn't sure how or when I would present it but it will go up at the end of this month. This is something that will help anyone set fitness goals, diet goals and keep track of their progress! It is essentially a guide to how I keep track and measure my fitness goals and achievements.

Let me know if there is some specific content you'd like to see from me. This could include more recipes, random what I am doing vlogs, grocery store hauls, workout plans, anything else you can think of...etc.

How has everyone's week been? Do you like watching apartment tours on YouTube like I do? Let me know in the comments below!