I wanted to take some much needed time to update some things here on the blog and talk a little bit about what I have been doing recently.

     I invested in recording equipment. This is something I had been wanting to do for a long time. My brother and I have both been working on our music and helping each other with recording and what not. I am new to the whole music recording/production thing so I am just playing around with it for now. We, my brother and I are working towards getting some songs up on YouTube. Hopefully this all comes together soon.

     Besides that Camron and I are in the process of planning our summer trip! Where are we going? That will probably be revealed  in March once we have everything set and booked. In all honesty, right now we aren't 100 % decided on where we are going. We do have a few destinations in mind that we are trying to decide between...

     I really want to post about my trip planning on here, I'm hoping to do a few posts about where we are going and what we are planning on doing, money saving tips, what we are packing and other trip details. So look out for those post!

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