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I was thinking it was about time to update my workout playlist. I haven't added new songs onto my Ipod for a few months, which as a musician is a tragedy. Quite a few of these songs actually don't fit into what I typically listen to. They're catchy, fun and upbeat and that is what you want for a workout song. Wait...that sounded as if I prefer music that is not fun or upbeat. Not what I meant. We'll just talk about my musical preferences later. Moving on. I was missing out on a lot of new songs. Since I updated my playlist, I'm going to share what I'm listening to. (The songs aren't listed in any specific order)

I love hearing from you! Let me know which songs you like and or if you have any to add! Please share this if you like it and follow me on my social media accounts, it'd mean the world to me!


  1.  Sia-Chandelier
  2. Fancy-Iggy Azalea
  3. Black Widow-Iggy Azalea
  4. Change your life-Iggy Azalea
  5. Talk Dirty-Jason Derulo
  6. Timber-Kesha
  7. Pulses-Karmin
  8. Maps-Maroon Five
  9. This is how we do-Katy Perry
  10. Problem-Ariana Grande
  11. Break Free- Ariana Grande
  12. Summer-Calvin Harris
  13. Disclosure-Latch
  14. Enrique Iglesias-Bailando
  15. Love Runs Out-One Republic