A couple of months ago Camron and I decided that we wanted to start investing in the things we needed for future trips. We decided that having proper luggage and getting Camron a passport was at the top of the list. We will probably be looking into camping type gear next. We decided to invest in some backpacks that are great for almost any type of adventure. After researching I decided I didn't want to spend $300.00 or even more on bags but I still wanted quality. Eventually I found the Osprey Fairpoint 70 on Amazon, check it out here.

 I think I paid about $130.00 for each on sale. They are normally around $200.00 I think. These bags are great! They can be used as a full backpack, or just a bag as it has a handle on the side to be hand carried. The front detaches into it's own smaller backpack. These bags can be and will be used for travel, camping, road trips and for anywhere we decide to go. These bags seem large enough to fit everything you need for any trip (the bags are a lot larger than they seem in the pictures). We purchased a size S/M for me and a M/L for Camron. It just depends on how tall you are but the smaller one would probably work for most women and the larger one for men. Below are some pictures so you can see what this bag looks like. If you have any questions ask away below!

The smaller Daypack detaches from the main bag. The straps on the daypack are tucked away and you just pull them out to use the

Inside of the main bag.
Main Bag has backpack straps that can be zippered up and hidden or taken out to carry the bag on your back.
 Side handle on main bag.

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