I really hate including gifs in blog posts...really. But it just goes, okay?


I was standing in the parking lot out side the movie theater with my boyfriend Camron, his friend and his friend's girlfriend. We had just all seen a movie together. We stood outside talking about different subjects for well over an hour. A specific part of a conversation we had stood out to me. We were discussing an actress and how she was pretty. Camron's friend's girlfriend, let's call her A, said that she thought this actress was GORGeous. I thought she was pretty but I didn't go as far to agree with GORGeous. At some point during this discussion Camron joked around about how girls hate girls if they are prettier than them. I immediately was like," nah that's just a stereotype" but right on top of my words A exclaimed that it was true. She said If she thought a girl was prettier she automatically hated her. In my head I was like "uh...okay great, you either hate me or you think I am ugly."

Don't get me wrong, I am all about me being blunt, but while being respectful, tactful and saying things with purpose. I don't know why she would admit something like that. I do get the biological reasoning of why girls feel threatened by each other. It make sense. It's just such a shame.

I just don't want to be one of those girls that announces "ugh I hate girls, I only have guy friends."  See, I agree, men tend to be easier to get along with. They are not as judgmental or dramatic. I prefer the company of males to females a lot of the time. I just feel more comfortable around guys. That being said, I have also met women that are kind, down to earth and that have your back.

I'm not blind to this whole situation. I have had girls that hardly know me, or even have never spoken to me say they hate me...and their reasons have included all sorts of absurdities. In other words no real reason at all. I know, girls can be evil, two-faced and judgmental. I've seen it.

I can only speak for myself as a girl. I hate drama and I don't participate in it. I just don't. Everyone likes a little gossip sometimes, but I never say things to hurt someone. I don't engage in spreading things that are not true. I try to be chill, fun, honest and do the right thing. I try to be the best version of myself. Shouldn't we all be striving for that? I am being honest when I say I don't hate other girls for being "prettier". As a matter of fact, if I like your outfit and you have pretty hair, I want to be your friend. Why not?  Obviously you know where to shop.

Of course if you are a pretty chick, cute outfit, great make-up, etc. and you have the "I'm better than you attitude", basically ugly on the inside, yeah I won't be a fan. Just the same, you can have dirty frizzy hair and be wearing a grandma sweater and have a similar attitude and I still won't be a fan. It's about the attitude.

I personally am one of those girls that gets along with guys better and I am also telling you I don't hate girls. So, if I am staring at you, I'm not giving you the death glare...I'm trying to muster up the courage to compliment your outfit and ask you where it's from.

I want to hear from you, what are your thoughts? Leave it in the comments below!


Funny side note, A asked if the vampire diaries books ending matched-up with the tv-show, I shrugged and she asked in an accusatory tone "do you not read?" I was like "uh yeah I read, I just haven't read Vampire Diaries." in my head I thought, "does that really count as reading?" Ya know cause what a wonderful piece of literature it is to add to my reading list. Haha I really don't know anything about the hey maybe they're alright.