A few days ago I decided to try a pre-workout supplement by Vega. I bought the one serving sample size packets. I found them at Sprouts. I wanted to share with you what I think of taking this pre-workout and also more specifically if it works.
This is an all natural vegan supplement. It is also soy and gluten free. It is 70 Calories, has 16g carb and 12g sugar. I tried this supplement twice. The instructions on the packet say to take it about 20 minutes before your workout to give it time to kick in. I found that I felt it working closer to about 30 minutes after taking it.

     This product does work. I did find I had more energy all of a sudden. I also felt I had more focus. I realized I was lifting heavier for longer. I actually was increasing the weight on the first day (leg day) half way through my workout. I put in really good workouts the two days I took this pre-workout.

     The down side of this supplement, the taste is pretty bad. I was not expecting it to taste amazing but it was something I had to brace myself for and chug quickly. I also would prefer something with a lot less sugar.

     I do think this product works and yes I would say it is worth a try especially if you are looking for something dairy, soy and or gluten free. I personally liked how the pre-workout helped me push through my workouts without feeling tingly and jittery. That being said I do not plan on buying a bigger supply at this time because I want to try other pre-work outs. I am probably going to try NO by Cellucor next.

Checkout both products here Vega Sport and here N0 Cellucor.

Thanks for checking this out!