I don't really believe in setting aside certain days to "cheat" on your meal(s). I know that some people like to set aside one day a week where they can can eat one meal or even the whole day and not think about what they are eating. Since eating healthy is about creating a lifestyle, I think it is important to NOT look at eating healthy as a chore, punishment and something you dread. Eating healthy can allow you to eat more food than eating badly.

     Eating healthy does not mean you are skimping out or sacrificing. Eating healthy can mean eating delicious foods. It really is about dedicating yourself to learning how to make meals that you will love.

      A lot of people have a mind set that eating healthy means eating "gross" food and that it's something you have to do just to lose weight. But if you want to look healthy you have to eat healthy and fully enjoying it is the key to sticking with it. Does that mean you can never eat dessert again or pizza? No, of course you can. This is where my view on cheat days comes in.

     I personally don't have a set cheat day. I eat healthy everyday and always try to make the best food decisions possible. Sometimes I do feel like just eating whatever and not worrying. Once you start getting into the habit of eating right and know how to cook correctly, I think it's okay to eat a "cheat" meal. I almost never go out to eat or consume something blindly. I have to know what is in it.

     Yesterday I decided to go out and eat sushi. Sushi is high in sodium, I know. But If you make the decision to eat something that may not be too great for you, I do think you should be conscious of why you are making that decision. Is it because you are feeling sad, or mad? Are you bored? Are your friends eating it and you feel left out or are they tempting you? Ask yourself questions like these. You shouldn't eat something just because you don't care or start feeling a certain way.

     I think it's important to know you have self control and you are making the decision fully knowing that you will be okay with it after. If you feel guilty or remorse after something you ate than you probably shouldn't have eaten it.

     Like I said, yesterday I ate sushi, had a mai tai and then when I got home made cookies. For one thing, I still watched my calorie intake and portions. Another thing, I am going to watch what I eat for the rest of the week. Also, the cookies I made, I did put less than half the sugar it called for, substituted other ingredients and made them healthier. If you are going to have dessert, try finding healthy options and recipes that show you how to substitute. Most of the time you really can't tell the difference.

For recipe information on these oatmeal cookies: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies