It's wedding season! Actually, it has been for a little bit. Maybe I'm behind on writing this but I hadn't really thought about writing about what to wear to a wedding or anything like that until now. I have a few old friends from high school who just got married as well as a couple of other weddings coming up and I realized even I am wondering what I should wear. I'm sure there are other's out there who also need some direction or just some ideas.  A couple months ago I was trying to figure out what to wear to a friend's bridal shower and after asking other friends and also doing some of my own research, I learned the dress code. So now I'm going to help you guys out.

      Just to go through the basics, a bridal shower is usually more conservative. They usually include mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sister's, close friends...basically women of all ages. So you want to dress appropriately. I would not advise super tight, showy or short dresses. Save those for the bachelorette party. Oh and yes, a dress is a must. A skirt might work depending on how you put it together but the basic rule here is, it's better to be a little too dressed up than not dressy enough. Jeans, pants and shorts are to be left in the closet. It's supposed to be a dressy event, look pretty and dolled up. Wearing toned down or neutral colors is a good idea. You don't want to wear something flashy that says "look at me". Don't take the spotlight away from the bride. Though it's advised not to wear black, since it's a happy celebration, I do think it's okay to wear black if you dress it up with a colorful cardigan, the right jewelry and or the right shoes. Another side note, leave white for the bride. The bride might not wear white but it's typically left for her to wear if she chooses, this goes for any wedding related parties and events.

     For affordable and cute options I suggest you check out Forever21 and Charlotte Russe.
 I also included examples from Anthropologie and Free People which are more expensive but had some nice dresses that I thought were great, and if anything they can just give you some ideas.
 If you have any questions, ask away below in the comments section. Let me know which ones you like or which is your favorite.
              Until the next post,
                       Ashley :)

Examples of what to wear:

Pleated Sleeveless Lace Dress                                    Dotted Spaghetti Strap Dress

   Anthropologie-Sunglow Stripes Dress   

                                                                                                                                                     Anthropologie-Topanga Maxi Dress 


      Free People-New Romantics Yellow                                                                                                   H&M-Dress                                                                                             

***Disclaimer: The Pictures posted of the dresses are all original images from the websites in which they are being sold and not my pictures.