Alright, I have talked about what to wear to a bridal shower, but now let's look at the main event. So, what should one wear to a wedding? Well, this does depend on a few things. Hopefully in the invite it somewhat tells you what the dress code is, if not you might be able to tell by how the invitation was designed. Does it look simple or more so elegant? The venue might also give away the formality. Is it in a garden or in a ball room?

     The other factors that might play into how to dress is the weather and the time the wedding is. A morning or afternoon wedding would not be as formal as an evening/night wedding. If it is summer and a day wedding, a girl might wear a cocktail dress vs. a gown and a guy might wear a button up, dress pants and a tie vs. a full on suit.

(The dress above appears lighter than it actually is)

     I know this may seem like a lot, or overwhelming but I promise it's not!
Below I have included a few examples of what men and women could wear to a day or night wedding based on the dress code.

Okay real quick here is the break down of what the dress codes mean:

 White Tie:
As formal as formal goes, For men, not just a tux but a black coat, longer tails, white vest, white bow tie, and white collared button up shirt. For women a ball gown and even elbow length gloves. And of course diamonds :)

Black Tie/Formal: This is well...ya know, formal. A black tie event would most likely be at night.  Basically a tux for men and a long dress/gown for women. A cocktail dress could work for this as well.  Men, If you don't have a tux a more formal suit could do the trick. If the dress code is formal or black tie, do not show up in a summer dress, pants, a t-shirts or anything else that would deem you inappropriately under-dressed. If a bride and a groom have a set a black tie dress code, their event is meant to be formal, you should respect it.

Black Tie optional: Same as above, Men can wear a formal suit, though if wanted a tux would be great. For women a cocktail dress is perfect, though you could definitely wear a gown if you wanted to. It basically just gives more wiggle room in what you can wear. This is also probably set for a night time wedding. You can dress more so on the semi-formal side(described below) and it's totally fine but if wanted to you could go that extra mile and look a bit more formal.

Semi-Formal: Simple, and  to the point. Cocktail dress for women and nice suit for men. This might be the dress code for a day or night wedding.

Casual: Casual wear for q wedding isn't really casual. A woman can wear a sundress. Casual does not mean you can wear jeans! For men they can wear dress pants and a nice button up shirt. Beach weddings or day weddings are more likely have this dress code.

Here is what I wore to a wedding this weekend:

And as always, it's better to look a bit over-dressed than under. Hope this helped and if you have any questions ask below in the comments section :) 

               Until later, Ashley

***Avoid white and the same color as the bridal party. 
***Need more ideas? I found this Pinterest board with great dresses to wear to a wedding, here.