So yesterday I finally got my whey protein powder. I was out for about 5 days and my new supply finally came in the mail. I thought I would share with you the protein I just bought and why I bought it. I actually hadn't tried this protein before and I bought it after I researched quite a bit to find a protein powder that was low sugar, low calorie, tasted good and easy to mix. The protein I bought is the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey. It's in the flavor mocha cappuccino. It does contain whey protein isolates and concentrate.  It has 24g of protein per serving (1 scoop) and I purchased the 2lb container which has 28 servings and cost me about 26 dollars. So far drinking it twice, I like it. The taste is good, though I think I enjoy chocolate more. It mixes very well, I always used a blender so I normally didn't have too much of a problem blending my protein but it is nice to be able to just mix with a spoon if I am in a hurry. The flavor is delicious and I like how this brand has so many flavors to choose from. If you want to read reviews and or purchase this protein, you can check it out at or

I will continue to try out this protein and update you guys on what I think about it. Also I will see if I notice any increased results in my weightloss and muscle gain that seem correlated with this product.

***Update: I REALLY like this whey. I have seen excellent results! This whey is low carb, low sugar and low fat. It has helped me lose fat and lean out while still building great muscle.  

***I'm not sponsored, this is 100% my own opinion.