Love the life you live.

Travel Spain

Backpack Europe

X visit The dominican republic

x Learn to Rock Climb (08/16/2016)

x Go to Denver (04/2016)

X Go to Wyoming (08/18/2016)

x Go Back to School (08/2016)

x Purchase own URL for Site (08/2014)

Compete in a Bikini Competition

Volunteer abroad

Live Somewhere I Love

Get a Yellow Bike

Travel Canada

Southern USA Road Trip

Visit Nashville

Go to Harry Potter World

Learn to Snowboard

Book a Photoshoot- both fitness and lifestyle

X Road Trip Through Utah-IDAHO-Wyoming (08/2016)

Road Trip up the West Coastline

X Visit Utah (Salt Lake City 08/2016)

X Go Backpacking (08/2016)

Get into Master's Program

Backpack South America

Visit Zion National Park 

Buy a Car 

x Go to Concerts More Often (01/2016)

x Kayaking in AZ (07/2016)

x Buy a New Camera (11/2015)

x Buy an IMac (05/2016)

x Buy a Mac Book Pro (12/2016)

x Go to a Yoga Class (07/2016)

x Put up Vlogs on YouTube 

x Be Consistent with Fitness and going to the Gym (Since 08/2015)

Graduate with Bachelor's Degree

Graduate with Master's Degree

Live in another country

Go to a Music Festival