The Social Media Image

Social media, specifically Instagram, only shares part of the story. It shares the parts we want to share and leaves out the rest. All most people see is a few photos, snapshots of someone’s week. I share the good parts, the smile on the beach in Barcelona, a gym selfie, new goals, my breakfast, or whatever. Those are real moments; I try to not post bullshit, but at the same time I do try to keep it aesthetic, creative and happy. We don’t all share everything, and rightly so. This past year has been the hardest of my life. I have been fortunate enough to take an amazing trip traveling throughout Europe. This trip has been on my to do list since I was little and I luckily had an amazing guy by my side that helped make this dream of mine come true. It’s also been painful. Not everything is always exactly as it seems. There is more to a person’s story than the few pictures you see, don’t compare to them to yours. Whether someone has 100 followers or 10,000. Each have their own struggles and each have their own successes. I love sharing positivity on my Instagram but I felt like it also needed a “real” moment.



p.s. My trip has truely been a great experience! I’m heading home tomorrow and can’t wait to share photos and what not with you guys! If you aren’t already, go follow my Instagram for some pics from my trip! @ashleygabriellea

The Hostel Experience

Story time. I’m in a hostel where allll the boys are taking turns snoring. I want to suffocate them. It is so hot in here, finally decided fuck it, ill take my pants off nbd. I thought hey I’ll keep them under my pillow and just slip them back on in the morning. They fell off the bed onto the bed below me. Luckily Camron is the one sleeping there but he is impossible to wake up. Now someone else is awake and they are eating something crunchy. They are probably awake due to the guy who keeps whispering and or exclaiming in his sleep.  So now I can’t fall back asleep, I lost my pants and the snoring symphony won’t end. Lol 😂😵😥😭

Hiking American Fork Canyon

On Saturday (yesterday), Camron and I headed out with some of his cousins on a hike in American Fork Canyon. We took a trail to Silver Lake. Round trip it was about 4.5 miles and I would say it is a moderate hike. It's a workout, versus a stroll but nothing too strenuous. Most people can hike it in a timely manner and it is so worth it!

Before heading out onto the trail, I ate a Pro Bar. 8.5/10 recommend. It tastes goods, the ingredients are simple, and the macros are decent, especially if you are looking for an energy bar AKA carbs. 

Here is info for the hike we did in case you want to check it out: Silver Lake


We drove past a couple of lakes before getting to the trail head, below is a picture of one of them! Totally want to buy floaties and drinks for future lake trips! 

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