How to Be More Efficient With Content Creation

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Here is the truth, you are actually working harder, and likely slower when multitasking. Batching your weekly to-do list is the best way to become more efficient because you stop wasting time switching gears every time you move to tasks that are completely different.

So here is an example of what I do:

  1. I write up a couple of book reviews for the week including the blog post and the Instagram post all in the same day. The content is all similar; I write up a short review for books that will be posted in my caption of my Instagram post, then I just make a longer more detailed version for my blog.
  2. I plan out content for my TikTok and Instagram Reels at the same time. I also do market research during this time and see what other are creating in my niche.
  3. I try to schedule all client meetings on one or two days a week. I do this so that I am not interrupting other projects thorughout the week with calls in the middle. It is not always possible, but if I can swing it, it makes things easier for me.
  4. I create TikToks and Reels all on the same day. It’s easier to just keep creating once on a roll. Then I post them throughout the week.
  5. I try to schedule time blocks where I specifically work on reading and writing for class. Besides working as a content writer, I am a graduate student in writing and digital media. Again, I prefer to have 4-5 hours study sessions versus an hour here and there broken up throughout the day.

So, I try to categorize similar tasks to be done on specific days so I don’t waste time switching between writing, photoshoots, zoom calls, and school work. 

I am so much more efficient and productive this way and it’s easier to get into a groove when you are working on the same kind of tasks all at once. It can also allow you to be more organized instead of having random client calls throughout each day interrupting writing articles, or photoshoots.

Do you batch create or complete your weekly tasks? What does that look like for you? Let me know in the comments, I’m curious what works for other people.


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