How To Get People To Actually Read Your Instagram Caption

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How to Get People to Actually Read Your Instagram Caption

Writing an Instagram caption is like writing a mini blog post. It should have a header, a body, and a conclusion. Like any blog or article, it needs to have a strong headline to make your target audience click ‘read more’ (clickbait but…without lying about what the content will be). 

PRO TIP: Remember, it is important to use keywords and your target audience’s language.

Here are some basic tips to get your target audience to actually read your Instagram caption and then engage with it, leading to more brand awareness and more sales.

  1. Just like a blog post or an article, you want an attention grabbing headline/first sentence. People need a reason to click the ‘read more’ link on your post. Start with the juciest information that they will want to know.

2. Keep it quick and concise. People do not have long attention spans.

3. Emojis and bullet points help outline and draw attention to your main points. It also makes reading the text easier. (Note: Be Aware that some emojis may hinder accessibility)

4. White space is important, it helps make your text easier to read. Uses adequate spacing between ideas.

5. Lastly, always include a call to action. People need to be directed to interact with your post, or to do something following reading it. This could be asking them a question to answer in the comments or tell them to visit your website.

What makes you decide to comment on someone’s Instagram post? Is it connecting with the message, or being asked a specific question? Let me know in the comments!

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