In My Dreams, I Hold A Knife by Ashley Winstead | Mini Review

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife by Ashley Winstead

This book is completely worth the hype!

“In My Dreams I Hold a Knife” by @ashleywinsteadbooks

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife by Ashley Winstead | Book Review

Here is what it’s about:

Six college friends are reunited at their alma mater ten years after their friend was murdered. Someone is determined to find the real killer and the friends are forced to confront what actually happened that night.

The story is told over multiple timelines—now and the four years the friends are in college. We get to understand each persons’ motives and not just for murder. We get insight into their fears, hopes, and trauma. 

This book was so well developed. I enjoyed the writing style, pacing, and story organization. The characters were interesting, not always likable, but real. 

I was able to not only keep track of each of the seven to eight characters that were involved in the story, but I got to know them pretty well for a 332-page book. How the story all comes together, in the end, was perfect!

I kept seeing the book pop up on my Instagram feed with great reviews, and they’re right. This book was so good!

Have you read this book yet?


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