Ashley Aguirre

Book Blogger & Content Creator | Book Editor and Copywriter

Ashley is a graduate student in English-Writing and Digital Media. She is a copywriter, content writer, and digital creator living in Arizona. She shares insight into the graduate student experience and hopes to help create a community of book lovers and graduate students who support one another.

Ashley works with independent authors and book publishers to help them create brand awareness and connect with their dream readers! She specifically offers branding consultation, website copywriting, and book editing. If you are interested in content or copywriting services, contact Ashley or check out her website.

Ashley has worked in newspaper publishing for over a decade and currently works in digital and social media content creation. She has experience in branding design, audience cultivation and growth, and writing for social media. Ashley has extensive multicultural experience from working at a bilingual publication and has traveled to over ten countries.

This blog focuses on life as a grad student, book reviews, travel, wellness, career development, and living intentionally.

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