People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry Book Review

People We Meet On Vacation | Book Review

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

Genre: Romance + Comedy
Themes: Friendship, Travel, Working through childhood trauma

So, I LOVED this book. Over the past few weeks I have read multiple books that were so good; this one though, especially spoke to me…

I could write so much about why, but to keep it simple, I connected with a lot of aspects of the book: the travel, Poppy being a writer, the humor, Poppy and Alex’s personalities, and THE WITTY BANTER. Not that loving a book needs explanation, but I also think I read it at the right time.

Alex and Poppy were complex, relatable, and enjoyable characters. They both were well developed. We get to see them individually grow throughout the years as well as see their relationship develop. 

I absolutely loved Poppy and Alex’s friendship and the way they joked with not only one another, but with the people, they would meet on their vacations. I am left feeling inspired to travel more and not just abroad but also do shorter, cheaper, and even closer to home trips. 

✈️Okay okay, you want the tropes?
• Friends to lovers
• Travel vibes–Poppy is a travel writer
• Second chance romance–story told over a few years

This story is ultimately about finding a home and finding your place in the world. I obviously think it’s worth the hype and one of my top reads this year!